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Full-Stack Web Developer - Software Engineer


React / Redux / Typescript
PHP Laravel
Full Stack web-Development
Agile Development
Android / iOS Development
Databases (MYSQL, JDBC)
Java / C# / C++
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Projects & Experience

- Developed a React-Redux Application

   Developed React-Redux application using Typescript. It is a simple task management app.

   Github: https://github.com/abduhadi2122/Task-Managment-App-using-React-Redux-and-Typscript
   Live: https://abduhadi2122.github.io/Task-Managment-App-using-React-Redux-and-Typscript/

- Easy Notes! - PHP Laravel application

   • Students can share notes among other class members with this app.

   • Got Familiar with Routing, Controller, Database Migration, Eloquent, User Authentication, Access Control and so on.

   Github: https://github.com/abduhadi2122/php-laravel-app
   Live: https://Techbook.ca

- Handy! – Android Application

   • This app helps user effectively plan & perform daily tasks to enhance productivity.

   • Implemented in 3 layers. Business Layer, Presentation Layer, Persistence Layer. Used SQLite in Persistence Layer for Database

   • Used Agile Methodology to develop this app in 6 Iterations

   Github: https://github.com/abduhadi2122/HandyAndroidApp

- Developed a Website for an African Charity

   • Learned responsive CSS techniques.

   • Used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for front-end and PHP for back-end.

   Live: www.unemployedyouthafrica.com

Work Experience

- Software Developer - Permission Click

    • Worked in React-Redux-typescript and CSS

    • Got familiar with MVC, C# and mySQL

    • Got exposure to Octopus deploy, MS-Azure

- Intern- Software Engineer – ThinkTech

    • Worked in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for front-end

    • Worked in PHP laravel for back-end

- Technology Sales Specialist - Staples Business Depot.

    • Learned valuable inter-personal and communication skills.

    • Consistently ranked among top sellers

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